Limited Edition Lost Art Petri 24mm RTA

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Limited Edition Lost Art Petri 24mm RTA


As vapers move up the vaping ladder, they start to cave in to the desire to build their own coils. That is when vapers start to research the best RTAs around. As expected, it is often a hard tasking deciding on the best RTA, particularly with the plethora available in the market. So, if you are in this stage and are looking for advice on an RTA, we advocate for the Limited Edition Lost Art Petri 24mm RTA, which can be found at Vapory Shop. In this article we will review some of the features that make the Limited Edition Lost Art Petri 24mm RTA a must-have for every vaper.


First off, the Limited Edition Lost Art Petri 24mm RTA is designed and manufactured by one of the leading companies in the vaping industry, Dotmod. As such, you can only expect excellence from this little device.


With the Limited Edition Lost Art Petri 24mm RTA, you will no doubt enjoy building. Besides, this RTA is designed in such a way that it makes it easy for the builder to use their favorite coils. Its deck is a postless build design, with four terminals placed in a square. The terminals measure 2.5mm by 2mm, allowing maximal space for building. The square arrangement of the terminals also makes it easy for builder to mount their coils


This RTA is designed specifically for advancing vapers that will have nothing short of a smooth vaping experience. It has improved wicking holes, making it easier to wick and less likely to leak. The tank also utilizes a top fill design in an open tank, making it easy to refill without spilling. In addition to the ease of use, the Limited Edition Lost Art Petri 24mm RTA is excellent in both vapor and flavor production. This is courtesy of the huge and adjustable air holes. The air holes are knurled to allow more air to hit the coils. Therefore, larger clouds of vapor are produced, and dry hits can easily be avoided.


"LostArt" Engraved on the Chimney. Only 500 pcs will be produced. 

  • Re-designed chimney and thread so you no longer have to loosen the 510 pin
  • Solid brass construction with 4 x 24K gold plating
  • Elegantly placed CZ stone in the center of the deck
  • Knurled adjustable airflow ring
  • Slightly larger postless deck for better build characteristics
  • Improved wicking holes for less likelihood of leaks and ease of wicking
  • Open tank design for easier filling
  • Larger tank capacity


Due to the nature of this product, there are no warranties or refunds. Use this product at your own risk. By purchasing this item, you agree that the manufacturer, distributors, sellers and/or Vapory Shop are not liable for any damage and/or injuries that may occur by use or misuse of this product.