Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire (10ft) 24g-34g

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Kanthal A-1 Resistance Wire - Sold in 10 ft Lengths

High quality wire, perfect wire for rebuilding atomizers!

24 gauge ( 2.22ohms per ft / 0.185ohms per inch)

26 gauge ( 3.53ohms per ft / 0.294ohms per inch)

28 gauge ( 6.14ohms per ft / 0.512ohms per inch)

30 gauge ( 8.70ohms per ft / 0.725ohms per inch)

32 gauge ( 13.84ohms per ft / 1.15ohms per inch)

*Due to the nature of this product we are unable to provide any type of warranty and are not responsible for any damages to your e-cigarette device that may be sustained from improper use of this product.