Eleaf iCare Mini with PCC - WHITE

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Eleaf iCare Mini with PCC - WHITE 

The iCare Mini is an ultra compact vaping device that is created by Eleaf and is very convenient as well as simple to use. The device is ideal for both beginners and advanced vapers, packing plenty of performance in a small package. The Eleaf iCare Mini builds upon the success of the original iCare, featuring a smaller and more compact design than its predecessor while retaining many of its most desirable. It includes it’s a portable charging cradle that allows you to easily charge your device on the go. The convenient size, simple design and innovative features of the Eleaf iCare Mini make it ideal for beginners while still delivering performance to satisfy experienced vapers. 

Eleaf iCare Mini with PCC - WHITE Feature Details:

The Eleaf iCare Mini measures in at a compact  24.5 by 12 by 75 millimeters. It has a white finish and features a built in tank that is able to accept as much as 1.3 milliliters of your favorite E Liquid. The iCare Mini by Eleaf features a wide mouth piece/drip tip and offers adjustable airflow providing an excellent draw. The iCare Mini has a sleek design without an buttons needed for firing the device or the need to adjust wattage or power. Instead the iCare Mini has a convenient automatic fire, on/off function that will provide up to 15 watts of power to the atomizer as you inhale. The iCare Mini uses easily replaceable atomizer coil heads built to 1.1 ohms. It is powered by a built in 320mAH battery that can be charged through either a micro USB charging port or the convenient  portable charging cradle that is included. The portable charger has a 2300mAH battery and allows pass through charging as well so that you can take it with you on the go to extend the battery life of the device. The battery level is displayed via three colored LED’s. 

The Eleaf iCare Mini with PPC - WHITE Features: 

  • iCare Mini Color: WHITE

  • iCare Mini PCC Color: WHITE

  • iCare Mini Dimensions: 24.5mm by 12mm by 75mm

  • iCare Mini E-liquid capacity: 1.3mL

  • iCare Mini Battery capacity: 320mAh

  • iCare Mini Output wattage: 15W max 

The Eleaf iCare Mini with PPC - WHITE Includes: 

  • 1× iCare Mini

  • 1x iCare Mini PCC

  • 2x IC 1.1ohm Heads

  • 1x USB Cable

  • 1x User Manual 


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