Eleaf 510 Digital Ohm Meter & Voltmeter

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The Eleaf Digital Ohmmeter & Voltmeter is designed for testing resistance and voltage of e-cigarette products. Featuring a small compact size, easy to use and carry for testing resistance and voltages at anywhere for beginer or advanced ecig and vaporizer users. 


Step 1: Turn on the device. (The switch is near the port for testing resistance.)

Step 2: Screw the battery port of the MOD onto one the voltage port of the device for testing its voltage. When pressing the button on the battery of the MOD, the reading of the voltage will show in the LED display. Screw the atomizer onto the resistance port of the device for testing its resistance. The ohm reading will show in the LED display.


1× Connector 
Ohm Meter
Volt Meter
Accurate to +-0.4%
1× Meter Device
Ohm: Measuring Range 0.01 ~ 9.99 Ohm
Volt: Measuring Range 0.01 ~ 9.99 V
Working Current: Less than 10 mAh with no tested object; less 30 mAh with tested object
Standby Power Consumption: Less 10 uA
Requires 2 AA batteries