Cuttwood Livid Lime 60ml

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Cuttwood Livid Lime Ejuice 60ml


  • 60ml Ejuice

  • Flavor Profile: Cuttwood Livid Lime represents Cuttwood's vision of what Lime should taste like.

  • Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Cuttwood Livid Lime Ejuice 60ml Flavor Description:

Cuttwood Livid Lime Ejuice is a brand new lime flavored E Liquid from Cuttwood’s brand new line the Reimagined Series.  Livid Lime is Cuttwood’s reimagined version of how limes should taste. It is a tall, ice cold glass of refreshing Limeade with the added enhancements sweet sugary syrup and tangy citrus flavors that give a pleasant kick to your vape. The cool and refreshing lime flavor fills up the inhale making way for an extra sweet and tangy blend of citrus flavors on that come out through the exhale. Cuttwood Livid Lime Ejuice is a fantastic citrus vape, that brings with it it’s own unique twist on a classic limeade flavor. The sweet and tangy notes are perfectly balanced and all the flavors compliment each other wonderfully, Livid Lime Ejuice by Cuttwood is definitely a flavor that refreshing, fruit vape fans are going to enjoy.

Cuttwood Livid Lime Ejuice 60ml Juice Info:

Cuttwood Livid Lime Ejuice is offered in a 60 milliliter bottle, and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6 or 12 milligrams.

Cuttwood Reimagined Series Ejuice Info:

Cuttwood Reimagined Series Ejuice is a brand new line of E Liquid from the Sauce Boss that has just made a surprise release. Reimagined Series is currently features three brand new E Liquid flavors that portray Cuttwood’s interpretation on how Peppermint, Orange and Lime are meant to taste. Cuttwood has once again set out to raise the standards of what we should expect from a premium grade E Liquid. Cuttwood been one of the most popular lines of Ejuice and have been releasing flavor after flavor of delicious E Liquid, Cuttwood has always managed to maintain, if not raise the standards of quality and consistency throughout their line as they have committed to doing. Cuttwood Ejuice Reimagined Series is manufactured in an ISO Clean Room using the highest quality premium grade ingredients and as always, the best flavorings in the world.