Cosmic Fog E Juice

Bring Life to Your Vaping Experience with Good Quality Vapes - Premium Flavors from Cosmic Fog

The folks at Cosmic Fog take making e liquids very seriously, which a first-timer or someone who is a vaping enthusiast will get to understand as soon as you are on with the process filling your vape tank with one of the premium Cosmic fog e-juice flavors. Procured from the best natural ingredients, flavors, and creative blends, the line of e-juice flavors from Cosmic fog have you covered with a delicious range of original flavors. The smooth vaping juices from the same line - are tasty and smooth, and at the same time give you an intense cloud production, with an ultra-smooth lining of tobacco ranging from a thin line of mere 0mg to a sturdier one with approximately 12mg tobacco.

 The 60ml e-juice bottles by Cosmic Fog represent the finest ingredients and is made using USP vegetable glycerin (VG), and USP propylene glycol (PG). USP here stands for food grade quality, ensuring a level of purity that won’t be available in cheaper e-juices and e-liquids that you may have seen in advertisements online, or somewhere else. You can buy cosmic fog e juice flavors exclusively from the VaporyShop's in-depth collection of incredible Cosmic Fog blends that have been derived in subtle conditions using only the most natural ingredients.

If you are a veteran vaping master, and simply want to experience the most desirous flavors go for Cosmic Fog’s ‘Milk and Honey,’ a popular e-juice flavor preferred by vaping enthusiasts all over the world. Milk & Honey e-juice by Cosmic Fog 60ml - is a warm, sweet milk flavored e-liquid that has been drizzled with honey. It is largely popular due to the ability to change flavors from being ‘warm and sweet’ in the beginning, then developing onto a delicious blend of milk and honey gradually in the later stage of your vaping experience.

The other popular flavors from Cosmic fog include,

- Chill’d Tobacco 60 ml (a blend of some of the world’s finest mild leaf tobacco flavors with a fresh peppermint background)