Beard Vape Co E Juice

As the vape and e-cigarette culture begins to take over the tobacco industry (a trend that has shifted-gears in the last five years or so), many ex-tobacco smokers are moving on to vaping - as a preferred method of having a similar striking sensation of nicotine enjoyment. Moreover, the biggest revelation comes from the fact that regular cigarettes can harm an individual, and on the contrary vaping is all about dense vapors and nicotine that doesn’t create the same repercussions in the future.

But before you settle well, and call yourself a vaping enthusiast - the real question is how do you really do it! An often overlooked aspect of vaping is how you vape. How specifically you enjoy the smoking sensation and get hooked on to it particularly depends upon the way your mouth interacts with the vapor when inhaling. Many don’t often give this a second thought, but a little knowledge could significantly improve your overall experience. If you are inclined towards using your e juice smoothly, believe in cooling your vaping device, and are trying to experiment with the overall experience, to cut down on your cigarettes it is preferable you go the ‘Mouth to Lung’ (MTL) way. On the contrary, if you are through that experimentation phase, and simply want to focus on the most ‘preferable and popular e juices’, select the ‘Direct-Lung’ (DL) methodology. While MTL gives you a good flow and flavor despite a low-flavor output, DL can be refreshing due to a more relaxed draw, and massive vapor production.

Transcending from the humble elegance, vaping enthusiasts depend upon the originality and remarkable flavor output while selecting or settling for an e juice. For instance, Beard Vape co, an e juice retailed successfully by brothers Brady and Casey Bates became a household brand like many other such e juices, which were marketed well and lived up to their brand-name.

Other such worthy e juice flavors include: Fruity Crispy Treats by Ethos, Naked 100 Brain Freeze, Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle, Cuttwood Unicorn Milk, etc.