White Gummy by Gummy Beast 60ml

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60ml e juice

Gummy Beast has given gummy candy fanatics a new reason to jump for joy. White Gummy vape juice is Gummy Beast’s juicy white gummy candy flavor that satiates on every level. As the yummy pineapple flavor quenches the thirst, that sugary candy touch will give the sweet tooth exactly what it wants. White Gummy ejuice is ultimate vape for those who still crave the fruity gummy candies that they had when they were kids.

If you like your fruit flavors to have a sugary candy edge, White Gummy vape juice from Gummy Beast is going to blow away your taste buds. This flavor tastes exactly like those white gummy candies that you indulged in endlessly as a kid. The sweet and slightly tangy fruity taste is going to refresh your palate unlike anything else.

As you inhale White Gummy vape juice from Gummy Beast, the tangy notes from juicy fruits will deliver intense satisfaction to your taste buds. As you exhale, the sweetness of the fruits will combine with a dose of gummy candy sugar to please the sweet tooth.

White Gummy vape juice from Gummy Beast comes in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle. It has a maximum vegetable glycerin (VG) base so that you can blow huge clouds of vapor all day long.

There is nothing quite like fruit-flavored gummy candies when your sweet tooth is feeling nostalgic. Thanks to Gummy Beast, you can vape that flavor all day long by picking up a bottle of White Gummy vape juice today.

VG/PG 70/30