Jawbreaker by Ethos Candy Treats 120ml

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120ml e juice

Mouth-watering blue raspberry candy flavor is something that is meant to be savored. When you taste that magical sweet and sour taste, happy childhood memories flood your brain while your sweet tooth delights in sugary splendor. If you crave that iconic candy flavor like nobody's business, Jawbreaker vape juice by Ethos Candy Treats is going to blow you away.

Remember those enormous hard candies that exploded with tart and sweet blue raspberry goodness? Now, thanks to Ethos Candy Treats, you don't have to fantasize about that taste any longer. Instead, you can simply take puff after puff of Jawbreaker ejuice. This vape juice tastes exactly like those beloved candies that make you salivate with pleasure.

Each inhale of Jawbreaker vape juice delivers a punch of intensely sour blue raspberry flavor. Then, when you exhale, gloriously sweet blue raspberry flavor takes over. The stunning balance between sugary and tart will satisfy you after each inhale and exhale.

Jawbreaker vape juice by Ethos Candy Treats arrives in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle. With a 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base, you will be exhaling enormously thick vape clouds all day long, while also experiencing a solid throat hit.

Jawbreaker vape juice by Ethos Candy Treats is guaranteed to put a smile on your face thanks to extraordinary blue raspberry candy flavor. After each puff, you will feel like you are a kid again. This tasty treat is the candy flavor that you've been looking for.

VG/PG 70/30