Charlie's Chalk Dust E Juice

The uncanny similarity between the brand’s origin with your life is simply unmistakable. Several vapor brands are purely induced by passion and love for the profession. However, one brand that truly stands out would be this one right here.

A young boy named Charlie lurking around the city distributing rocks, zucchinis and what not, is fascinated by the enormous bell his father used to ring as a solicitor whenever his customers are happy with his services.

As astonishing as the story already is, the father is said to deal with a product called electricity, and later the relationship blossomed so much that the product became a worldwide phenomenon.

Both of them never measured their happiness with the actual sale of products. Instead, they used the weight of the first-hand impression of their customers against their goal of customer satisfaction. His father went on to pursue his dream of opening up a joint, named it Charlie’s and the bell was retired and forfeited by a chalkboard where his father wrote about the fresh recipes. The boy ran away from school under the influence of that bell and started his own venture of selling newspaper and one fine day, rang that chalk dust struck bell, as loudly as he can.

So, that’s where it all started, and now Charlie’s chalk dust e juice reverberates throughout the nation.

There are many flavors that Charlie’s chalk dust e juice, USA offers. However, the below mentioned are the best among the best.

- Jam Rock: Rich of sweet and sour apple juice suckers that you have always craved for.

- Slam Berry: Fresh strawberries mixed with ice cream and ripened with wine.

- Big Belly Jelly: watermelon flavored candy paired with a jelly juice bean and you got yourself a treat.

- CCD3: The smoothness of creamy caramel melting right down your throat drizzled with sea salt and vanilla ice cream.

- Honey Badger: Honey and tobacco are like Adam and Eve without the apple part.Grab your pick and vape on the go.