You'll go nuts over this NEW Pistachio Ice Cream Eliquid by Stachio Eliquid

Posted by VS on 29th Jun 2016

Stachio Eliquid by Vape Stachio

Vapory Shop is proud to introduce a new line of Ejuice to our line up that we feel has incredible promise, delivers delicious, rich flavor and is made using the highest quality of ingredients. Stachio. The Ejuice market has become filled with thousands upon thousands of Ejuice lines, flavors and brands, with new lines and flavors appearing each day. Vapory Shop does it’s best to sift through the mountains of Ejuice options available to find only the best Ejuice to offer to our customers. During our search we have come across a line called Stachio, based right here in Northern California. Stachio immediately grabbed our attention with their clever packaging and we just had try it out. We were not disappointed.

Stachio Eliquid is a brand new, premium line of Ejuice, based out of Northern California, that have just launched their debut flavor release (Pistachio Ice Cream). Stachio is already showing an incredible amount of promise for a line as new as they are. Stachio Eliquid combines rich and delicious flavors with a thick dense vapor production, that is sure to satisfy both flavor and cloud chasers alike. Their debut launch of Pistachio Ice Cream Ejuice is available for a limited time, in a limited edition box that includes two pre-filled Unicorn Style, Chubby Gorrilla Bottles. Each of the two bottles included in the limited edition box of Stachio Eliquid’s Pistachio Ice Cream, come pre-filled to 35 mililiters each, totaling 70 milliliters of ejuice per box.

Pistachio Ice Cream Ejuice by Stachio is a rich, nutty, sweet and creamy palate of Pistachio Ice Cream flavored Eliquid. The flavor profile is spot on and tastes just like your favorite pistachio ice cream from the local ice cream shop. The cream flavor is rich and is noticeable throughout both the inhale and exhale, and the pistachio flavor tastes slightly roasted, coming in softly at first and then building up throughout the course of each vape.

Pistachio Ice Cream Ejuice by Stachio Eliquid is mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio and is available in either 0, 3 or 6 milligram nicotine strengths. Stachio uses premium ingredients to make their Eliquid, including USP Food Grade and Kosher Certified VG and PG, as well as premium, artificial and natural flavorings. Stachio Eliquid manufactures all of their Ejuice in a Level 7 Certified ISO Clean Room, to eliminate the possibility of any foreign contaminants, and ensure the safest and cleanest possible vape.

Stachio appears to be a line of Ejuice that has strong promise and have done an excellent job on their debut release of Pistachio Ice Cream. Their flavor profile is spot on and their marketing and packaging are excellent. The pre-filled bottles are extremely convenient, and eliminates the mess of trying to transfer the Eliquid to take on the go. We are sure you are going to love Stachio and we can’t wait to see what they come out with next!