Why is Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood so good

Posted by Ejuice on Fire on 22nd Sep 2017

Unicorn Milk Ejuice by Cuttwood is a fantastic blend of strawberry and cream flavored E Liquid. Unicorn Milk has consistently been one of the most popular flavors on the market since its inception and pioneered the way for Strawberries and Cream flavored vape Ejuices. Unicorn Milk Ejuice by Cuttwood has not only played a major role in the popularity of the strawberry and cream flavor profile, but has become the standard by which many judge all other strawberry and cream flavored vapes.

Unicorn Milk Ejuice by Cuttwood is brought to you fresh from Cuttwood’s Unicorn Ranch in the sunny fields of Irvine California, Home to the happiest grass fed, hormone free Unicorns around! Cuttwood, the self proclaimed “Sauce Boss” prides itself on supplying only the highest quality products, crafted with the most meticulous...readmore