​Vape Tongue... What is it- What causes it- How do I get rid of it

Posted by VS on 20th Sep 2016

Have you ever vaped one of your favorite flavors of E Liquid and then suddenly realized you can no longer taste it? Have you ever been vaping a particular flavor for extended periods of time and noticed it gradually lose its distinctiveness. This is a fairly common side effect of vaping, known as “vape tongue or vapers tongue”. Vape tongue is just a nickname and there is nothing that is actually wrong with your tongue. The reason for these side effects are that your flavor and smell sensors, become over stimulated with a particular flavor for too long and start to block them out. If you are experiencing this, do not panic. This is most likely not a medical issue in any way. Below we will go over some of the possible causes as well as solutions to get rid of it.


There are several scenarios that seem to be commonly linked to causing vape tongue, quitting smoking, dehydration, cold or allergies, lack of variety, among other reasons.

Quitting smoking

Many people who are just making the transition from smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes to vaping, are often the sufferers of vape tongue. Smoking cigarettes, numbs your taste buds and reduces your sense of taste. These senses can simply become overwhelmed by the intensity of the flavor delivered from vaping. This may be a common occurrence while your body transitions from smoking to vaping.


Vaping can cause dehydration. Two of the main ingredients of E Liquid are Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol (VG and PG). VG and PG soak up moisture and can cause dry mouth if you are not drinking enough water. Your body reacts to dry mouth by creating a thin protective film around your mouth and tongue to help trap in moisture, but can also block the flavors of E Liquid from reaching your tastebuds.

Cold Or Allergies

Colds and allergies, typically stuffy or runny noses, or other sinus related issues. This reduces your sense of smell, and since your sense of smell, is so closely tied into your sense of taste, it can make it extremely difficult to taste just about anything when you are suffering from sinus cold or allergy symptoms.

Lack Of Variety

Many vapers have a particular flavor that they tend to vape all the time. We call this our “All day vape”. Some vapers may vape different flavors that have a very similar flavor profile. This lack of variety and the over stimulation of the same flavors can cause our tongues to become numb to it, or mute it out, like white noise.

None Of The Above

Sometimes we experience vape tongue for reasons that have nothing to do with any of the reasons listed above. There could be some other factor playing into why you temporarily cannot taste a particular flavor. Or there could be no reason at all. Sometimes it seems like your taste buds just randomly decided not to deliver that flavor.

Lemon Pound Cake by Vape Chemist

How To Get Rid Of Vape Tongue

Below are some solutions, and general best practices that can help prevent and alleviate vape tongue.

Stay Hydrated

Drink more water. Drinking more water has many fitness and health related benefits. It is always good to drink more water for many different reasons. In this case, it is to help prevent the dehydration caused by vaping that can lead to vape tongue.

Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is generally a commendable practice for many reasons that we don’t need to go into in this article. In the case of vaping, regular brushing and rinsing can prevent plaque buildup, that can block your tastebuds from tasting your E Liquid.

Try New Flavors

There are thousands upon thousands of E Liquid flavors on the market, get out there and try something new. If you have been sticking to one particular flavor or very similar flavor profiles, your body can end up tuning them out. Try ordering something totally different than your standard All day vape.

Try A Bold Flavor

Sometimes shocking your taste buds with a much more bold flavor than they are used to can help alleviate vape tongue. Something strong like a menthol or mint flavor or a spice can sometimes shake your sense of taste back to normal.

Non Flavored E Liquid

Give your taste buds a break and try vaping a non flavored E Liquid. Non flavored E Liquids still have a very mild but sweet taste, that comes naturally from the VG, and they still satisfy the oral fixation and nicotine cravings. Giving your taste buds a day or two off from the intense flavors of your every day E Liquids can sometimes be just the trick.

Hopefully these tips will help you prevent being a victim of vape tongue again. Or help you alleviate your current vape tongue. Vapory Shop offers a wide variety of E Liquid flavors, with thousands of flavor profiles to choose from. There should be no reason to let lack of variety be the cause of your vape tongue. 

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