Top 3 Winter Flavors at Vapory Shop

Posted by DN on 19th Jan 2018

Typically, vapers change the flavors that they vape with the season that they are in. Since Winter really is in full-swing, it is time to start thinking flavors that match the season. To help you get your winter e-juice lineup together, we have come up with these 3 flavors that all vapers should add to their collections.

Winter Vape Flavor #3: Mother’s Milk and Cookies by Suicide Bunny
This flavor is made with an amazing strawberry milk which is paired with the sugar cookies. The throat hit is moderate. On the inhale, you get that cookie flavor as well as a slight milk tone. On the exhale, that cookie flavor intensifies, which is followed by the strawberry notes.

Winter Vape Flavor #2: No. 00 E-Liquid by the Beard Vape Co.
Truly a delicious, as well as super tobacco flavored vape juice. If you need to warm up during the Winter season, this flavor will provide you with the warmth which you require to get you through those harsh cold days. Sit back. Relax. Kick up your feet. And enjoy the smooth taste of No.00 e-liquid.

Winter Vape Flavor #1: Vanilla Whip'd E-LiquidThis is an outlandishly decadent flavor that you can enjoy for hours and hours without any shame. This e-liquid is a delicious bowl of vanilla whipped cream that's topped with savory almonds. Every mouth-watering puff will satisfy your most naughty dessert cravings.With each inhale, a velvety dollop of vanilla-flavored whipped cream seductively flows along the taste buds. Then, a hint of savory almond flavor adds depth to the overall flavor. On the exhale, that rich vanilla cream taste intensifies.

When it comes to the Winter season, you need to be prepared. If you are a vaper who lives in those hash, cold conditions, it’s time to get your vape collection prepared, too. The e-liquids the that were reviewed are ones that we felt were great during this time. As always, we carry a wide selection of brands and flavors to choose from that are also great for the Winter season, as well as all year round.