Steep like a Vaping champion

Posted by VS on 26th Sep 2017

The key to avoiding backsliding as a vaper is making sure that every session is to your satisfaction and e-liquids play a very big role in this. You might have recently discovered your best flavor and how to perfectly balance the nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol components but still feel that the e-liquid could be better. Well, your dreams are valid because steeping can improve just about any flavor. Steeping allows your e-liquids to be like fine wine which has been aged. If you pay attention to details, you will notice that steeped liquids have that matureness of flavor. Yes, steeping is not for everyone and certainly not for every e-liquid. But, if you purchase pre-mixed e-liquids, then it is impossible to avoid steeping. Besides, steeping starts the day e-liquids are manufactured. As they sit in the warehouses and vape stores waiting for your order, they are going through steeping. By steeping, you allow the various components of your e-juice to mix together. Also, you give time for the volatile alcohols and bottle chemicals to evaporate. As a result, you are left with an e-liquid which has a better, pure flavor that tastes and smells better.

To Steep or Not to Steep

Before you can decide to steep, it is important to determine whether the e-liquids need steeping in the first place. A good rule of the thumb is to steep e-liquids that are not premium. You can determine whether an e-liquid is premium through its price. Another way to determine whether to steep is to check the color of the e-liquid. If it has nicotine and is still clear, then it is not steeped because nicotine changes color with time. The flavor of an e-liquid should also tell you whether to steep or not to steep. Some flavors, like fruits, deteriorate with long periods of steeping. However, it is only up to you to decide what flavors you want to steep.

Steeping Methods

There are many steeping methods. And, if you are a newbie you are commonly advised to use the natural method. This method is of course slower as it takes up to two weeks. It entails placing your e-liquid bottles in a cool, dry and dark place and preventing them from getting direct sunlight, which might interfere with the composition of the e-liquids. Each day, ensure that you take the e-liquids and shake them then uncap for a minute or so. Do this several times a day. Other than the slow method, there are many fast methods that are used by pros. These methods entail the introduction of heat to fasten the oxidation process. You can use a hot bath, rice bath, slow cooker, microwave, computer fan or the glove compartment of your computer. After your liquids have been heating for some time, remove the cap to let out the gas. Then repeat this procedure until you get the desired outcome.


Steeping like a pro doesn't have to be difficult. If the temperatures introduced aren’t too high so that they degrade the e-liquid, you should be good to go.