Proper Tips for Vaping Outside During Winter

Posted by DN on 21st Nov 2017

If you are new to vaping, you probably aren't familiar with the struggle vapers face during the winter months. In addition to having to brave the cold every so often to enjoy your vape session, the drop in temperature also complicates the mechanics of your device. Below are some helpful tips for vaping this winter.

Winter Vaping Tip #1: Keep Your Bottles of E-Liquid at Room Temperature
While stepping outside for a quick vape won't ruin your e-juice, prolonged exposure to the cold could cause the liquid to thicken. Avoid this by limiting the device's time in the cold or by keeping it warm in your hand. Otherwise you run the risk of not only thickening your e-juice, but also damaging your coil.

Winter Vaping Tip #2: Protect Your Equipment from Moisture
Remember that your device is an electronic one and that, like all electronics, it doesn't mix well with moisture. By simply moving from the warm interior of your home to the freezing cold outside, condensation can form on the most sensitive parts of your device. Take the necessary precautions by packing it in a protective carrying case to keep the moisture away.

Winter Vaping Tip #3: Limit Your Device’s Exposure to Freezing Temperatures
In addition to damaging your hardware, freezing temperatures can also do a number on your device's battery life. When batteries are exposed to the cold, it can cause lithium inside to create plating over the electrodes, thereby causing your device's battery to overheat or charge at a slower rate. If you absolutely must vape outside in the cold this upcoming winter, allow your device to acclimate to the warmth of your home before charging it.

Winter Vaping Tip #4: Avoid the Metal Drip Tip
If you are a fan of metal tips, you may want to consider a nice plastic tip this winter. It could spare you from a rather painful realization. When freezing metal encounters something warm and wet, it will very likely stick to it. The same principle applies when your mouth touches a metal tip of a vape. If you aren’t into plastic drip tips, you can always spring for one of the wooden or glass variety.

Of course, you could always choose to vape inside your home to avoid exposing your device (and yourself) to the bitter cold. But if you are dead against vaping indoors, the handy advice above will help you keep your device in good working order, so you can continue to use and enjoy it long after winter is over.