New Online Age Verification requirements for online vape orders

Posted by VS on 2nd Feb 2017

Age Verification:

Recently, in 2016 the FDA as well as local states have passed legislation that deems electronic cigarettes and vaping products as tobacco. As a result, federal law restricts the sale of vaping products to those that are of legal smoking age. Some states such as California, Texas, New York and others have passed more stringent age restrictions than that of federal federal law.

Vapory Shop is a proud member of both our local and online communities, that is committed to selling the products we carry only to adults. We are obligated and committed to complying with both state and federal age restrictions regarding the sale of ecigarette/vape related products. In an effort to ensure that we are meeting our obligations and commitments, Vapory Shop will be using Veratad Technologies, LLC, a non affiliated third party company to verify the age and identity of all online purchases, and to help ensure that you meet the minimum age requirements in your shipping and billing locations.

How Veratad’s Age Verification Works:

The Age Verification service we are using, AgeMatch provided by Veratad, uses multiple trusted public record databases to verify your age and identity based on the information you submit. This age verification service is designed to validate and protect your identity while adhering to the highest standards of consumer privacy while processing online transactions.


AgeMatch by Veratad uses a secure 256 bit encryption technology to ensure the security of the information you provide online. The information that you provide is NOT stored by Veratad and your personal information is not shared or sold with other parties.

If you cannot be verified by the Age Verification process:

There will be a small percentage of customers that may not be able to be verified through our Age Verification process due to a lack of or limited amount of publicly available information in the Age Verification databases. If this happens, Vapory Shop will contact you either by the phone and/or email you provided us with to verify your age. In these cases we will typically require a copy of some form of government issued ID to validate your date of birth. The information we receive from you is completely confidential and will be deleted after verification. Once your age is verified we will not request it again.

For more information on Veratad's Age Verification process, click here.