Make Pyrex and Glass Tanks Your Go-To Vape Tanks

Posted by DN on 14th Nov 2017

Vape Tank and its Function
Vape tanks are currently the in-thing in the vaping market. These tanks have become completely famous because of their versatile use; they can be used in electronic cigarettes, portable vaporizers, or MODs.

When vaping, the tanks are used to house the e-liquid, with the coils heating up to turn the liquid into vapor. Most people find it a tedious task when it comes to buying a vaping tank. With a lot of tanks in the market, it is difficult to predict how useful the tanks can be. A good tank should be able to meet a vapers basic needs.

Vape tanks are also known as atomizers, glassomizers, or clearomizer. The tank is a combination of a heating element and a holder. While buying tanks, several factors should come into play like; your budget, volume and color of the tank, plus the material used to make it.

The Different types of Tanks in the Market

We have the disposable tanks and other tanks that are not, but are built in a wide range of ways. The disposable tank, when used they become less useful and one needs to dispose of them proving costlier, while the reusable tanks can be used numerous times. They are reused by replacing the tank’s coil head. This type of tank, which is rebuild-able, fits the vaper’s needs, as they have already established their taste.

Materials used to make the tanks

The tanks can be made of three materials, Pyrex, glass, and plastic, which is popular in the market. Pyrex can handle anything acidic or sweet. Mainly used by vapers who prefer vaping high acidic or high VG e-juices. The last one is glass; this type of tank needs the user to be delicate with it, for once it drops it breaks, hence additional expenses. It can handle e-juices of higher VG ratios or acidic juices.

Pyrex and Glass tanks
Pyrex and glass tanks are first becoming popular amongst vapers. Though costly, vapers are willing to get value for their money. The Pyrex tank is loved for its general outlook; apart from that it has been manufactured to withstand high temperatures and can handle sudden heat and temperature change. Unlike the plastic tank, a glass or Pyrex tank can be used to vapor anything acidic or sweet.

Pyrex and Glass tank effective as compared to glass
Pyrex and glass tank are the most preferred tanks when it comes to vaping, unlike plastic. The latter has been built for durability. Plastic is sensitive, as certain juices like cinnamon cause the plastic and O-rings to melt. You also get to inhale a clean flavor when vaping; vapers complain of getting a plastic taste when using a plastic tank. Tank killers usually react first to plastic as compared to Pyrex and Glass. It’s good to invest in a container that heats evenly.

Benefits of using Pyrex and glass tanks
When buying any tank, you want a tank that is durable, will serve your basic needs, and is resistant to tank killers. These tanks are cost-effective as they help you get value for your money. Saving a few dollars while vaping, unlike plastic, which must be replaced now and then because of damages. You get to enjoy any flavor, whether acidic or sweet; there is no limitation to a specific flavor.

Benefits when it comes to sub-ohming/using high VG e-liquids;
At times when your vaping, you might tend to feel like the flavor is a bit off. When using plastic tanks, it is good to keep in mind specific ingredients have detraining effects on the tank, causing it to break. Other ingredients are sugary, which in turn causes a poor taste when combined with heat; it caramelizes on the cotton on the sub-ohm coils making it have a burning taste.

High e-liquids when left unattended over a specific period, oxidizes the juice in your tank which also gives out an off-flavor. This effect presents issues to a vaper, who frequently uses the sub- ohm tank, unlike the Pyrex and the glass tanks which are not easily corroded by the ingredients. This is because they are made in such a way to handle sudden heat change without interfering with the ingredients flavor and the sub-ohmming that is taking place.

In the end, vapers should opt to use glass or Pyrex because it is unlikely for it to cause issues for the vapers, plus the tanks can withstand strong e-liquids.