Love tobacco vapes- Puff on these tobacco flavors

Posted by VS on 10th Nov 2016

Tobacco Flavored E Liquid

Tobacco flavored E Liquid is usually the go to and most natural path people take when transitioning from smoking analog cigarettes to vaping. For those who have just started vaping, or even those who have been using electronic cigarettes to curb smoking for years, sometimes the massive amount of different flavors available can be a bit overwhelming. First you have your different core flavor profiles from sweet fruit flavors to creamy vapes to pancakes or whatever comes next.

Sometimes all you need is a natural tasting tobacco flavored E liquid that will do a good job of replicating the flavor and feeling of conventional smoking. Even then, there are many natural and enhanced tobacco flavors on the market to choose from. Menthol to caramel and all sorts of enhancements E Liquid manufacturers like to add in. It can be hard to choose the right one for you. Not to worry, continue reading and we will cover our top selling, most popular and personal favorite tobacco flavored E Liquids.

Halo Tobacco Flavored Ejuice

Halo Ejuice has been around for quite a while and is best known for their classic tobacco flavors. They offer incredibly large selection of tobacco flavored E Liquids as well as wide selection of menthol vapes. Here are our personal favorites from their line.

Halo Tribeca Ejuice

(Ultra Smooth Natural Tobacco)

Halo Tribeca Ejuice is a ultra smooth tobacco flavored E Liquid that is packed with fantastic flavor. Tribecca Ejuice by Halo delivers a definitive tobacco undertone, with a natural sweetness up top. Tribeca Ejuice provides a solid throat hit that does a good job of replicating the feeling of a real cigarette.

Halo Torque56 Ejuice

(Strong Natural Unfiltered Tobacco)

Halo Torque56 Ejuice is an unfiltered natural tobacco flavored E Liquid. Torque56 Ejuice by Halo is a strong tasting tobacco flavor designed for those who want the real taste of tobacco without the addition of any enhancements or fluff. Halo Torque56 Ejuice delivers a serious throat hit.

Halko Turkish Tobacco Ejuice

(Mild Natural Tobacco)

Halo Turkish Tobacco Ejuice is a excellent blend of sun cured natural tobacco flavored E Liquid with a very light naturally sweet top note. Turkish Tobacco EJuice by Halo is a unique tobacco flavored E Liquid inspired by the original Turkish Tobacco originating off the coast of the Black Sea. Turkish Tobacco Ejuice has a nice and mild tobacco flavor, so it is an excellent choice for “light tobacco” smokers that are seeking a more mild throat hit and authentic tobacco flavor.


Brewell Tobacco Series Ejuice

The Tobacco Series Ejuice by Brewell Vapory is brand new line of natural and enhanced Tobacco flavored E Liquids. Brewell Vapory is a manufacturer of Premium Grade E Liquid and the creators of the incredibly popular MYLK line. Their new Tobacco Series line of E liquid consist of three excellent tobacco flavors.

Brewell Tobacco Series Original Blend Ejuice

(Mild, Smooth and Rich Natural Tobacco)

Brewell Tobacco Series Original blend Ejuice is a smooth and rich, natural tobacco flavored E Liquid. The Original Blend Ejuice by Brwelll Tobacco series offers a robust blend and authentic tobacco taste. Even though the Original Blend is rich, robust and natural tasting tobacco, it does not come across as too harsh in any way.

Brewell Tobacco Series Ice Ejuice

(Smooth, Cool, Menthol Tobacco)

Brewell Tobacco Series Ice Ejuice is a natural tobacco flavored E Liquid enhanced with a cooling menthol. Ice uses a similar smooth, and rich tobacco blend as their Original Blend, with the addition of a cool menthol. The tobacco flavor is fantastic, and the menthol, ads a perfect cooling layer and refreshing element that is not to strong

Brewell Tobacco Series Butterscotch Ejuice

(Mild, Sweet, Extra Smooth Enhanced Tobacco)

Brewell Tobacco Series Butterscotch Ejuice is a natural tobacco flavored E Liquid enhanced with a smooth, rich, sweet and creamy butterscotch. This blend uses a slightly more mild tobacco than that of the other two flavors in the Tobacco Series Line, and is mellowed out, sweetened and enhanced even more with the delicious creamy butterscotch.


What Ejuice On Fire has to say about Brewell Tobacco Series

“Brewell Vapory’s new Tobacco Series, offers excellent tasting tobacco flavors. We would definitely recommend to those that enjoy traditional tobacco flavors, or are making the transition from smoking to vaping.” - Ejuice On Fire

Check out the full review of Brewell Tobacco Series at!

Vintage E Liquid The Legend Ejuice

(Smooth, Sweet, Enhanced Tobacco)

Vintage E Liquid The Legend Ejuice is a classic tobacco blend tobacco flavored E Liquid, with the addition of sweet caramel and soothing vanilla. The Legend Ejuice by Vintage E Liquids delivers a nice mild tobacco taste with the perfect amount of caramel and vanilla enhancement that will leave you craving for more.


What Ejuice On Fire has to say about The Legend

“The Legend is a Tobacco flavored vape done right. Vintage E Liquids has done an excellent job creating an authentic tasting tobacco vape, without the harshness of actual tobacco.” - Ejuice On Fire

Check out the full review of Vintage E Liquid’s The Legend at!

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Honey Badger Ejuice

(Sweet, Creamy Enhanced Tobacco)

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Honey Badger Ejuice is a natural tobacco flavored E liquid that features notes of honey and a smooth cream enhancement. Honey Badger combines the taste of honey brushed tobacco leaves, that deliver a sweet, and smooth tobacco flavor throughout the inhale. The exhale brings out a vanilla and leaves behind a smooth and creamy linger.


The next time you’re browsing through our extensive list of E Liquid flavors or at your local vape shop staring at that wall of Ejuice, remember this list.