How Long Should That E-Juice Sit In Your Tank

Posted by VS on 11th Aug 2017

Just How Long Should That E-Juice Sit In Your Tank For?

That is a question that I’m sure a good amount of vapers out there ask themselves. In general, you will potentially switch up your e-juice flavors quite often. Hence, there are several factors that would require you to empty liquid from your tank. That being the type of juice, tank, storage, age, and use. Those factors will be explored to determine the lifespan of vape juice in the tank.

Type of E-Juice

There are many different variations when it comes to e-liquid; PG/VG, nicotine, additives, and flavors. PG/VG are the two main ingredients of e-juice, they are considered the base. PG (Propylene Glycol) is a liquid-like substance that carries flavors well; typically lasts longer than others if it is the main ingredient. PG is a natural bacteria and virus killer, causing the liquid to never be worn down. The VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is a viscous and sweet substance that gives off thicker clouds of vapor; is more prone to micro-organisms breaking it down when stored for long-term. VG, because of its make-up, usually has a very short lifespan. Both PG/VG can last up to two years without flavor. Nicotine; an addictive substance found in cigarettes, can get worn down from light exposure. Its lifespan depends on the milliter and user. Additives and flavors range from fruits to desserts, candies to tobaccos, and creams to custards. They rarely last longer than a week and are crucially harmful to the coils. A coil is the constituent to the wick which vaporizes the e-liquid.

Types of Vape Tanks

There are three different types of tanks: clearomizer, sub-ohm, and drippers. The clearomizer tank is more widely known tank but it is a strong as the other types. The clearomizer cannot house VG fluids alone because of the thickness. High PG or a 50/50 ratio is used with this tank. Sub-ohm tanks are generally more powerful than clearomizers and depletes the liquid at higher levels due to increased battery strength. High VG is recommended with this tank design, as it boasts extreme vapor clouds, strong flavors, and is slightly warmer than the average vapor. Due to the recommendation of VG, the liquid should be used within immediate future of purchase. As for drippers, their ratios are completely up to the vaper’s discretion. You must use a strong coil with higher ohms for high PG and sub-ohms for high VG. The typical ratio is PG/VG-30/70.

Age and Storage of the E-Juice

Age of the e-juice strongly determines when to empty the tank. Storage is extremely important for longevity. If you receive an e-liquid in a plastic bottle, it is for immediate use. If you switch it to glass to expand the life, that can work, but not for the extended amount of time you might be expecting. Most e-liquids are sold to be used immediately. To increase the lifespan of e-juice, store large quantities within a cool and dark place such as in a cupboard. (NOTE: Avoid e-liquid refrigeration if possible as that can increase the aging process of the juice.)

How Long It Takes To Vape It All

How long it takes you to use the e-juice is dependent on how many milliliters it is. 30ml last about six days. 10ml last about two days. Anything under that must be watched closely so that thin vapor isn't produced. When it comes to this factor, it really is about the vaper’s preference (are they a cloud chaser, casual vaper or do they even sub-ohm vape) device and tank type (e-cigarette or MOD and is the tank plastic, Pyrex, or glass), and even the e-juice itself (besides its size) that can make a difference in how long it will take you to vape it all.

As you can see, how long your e-liquid should sit in your tank for is determined to be dependent upon all the above factors with the type of e-juice being the most prominent. The type determines if it will last long and prevents spoilage. The type of tank is generally important, especially if it is a sub-ohm tank or has high battery strength. The vape should always be stored in cool, dark place with no light exposure. How long it takes to use up depends on the user, how often it is used, and milliliters of juice for instances. The age of the juice only matters if it is of tarnished and fuzzy appearance, which means it has gone badly. With DIY mixes is more common.

Anyway, moral of the story, use the e-juice immediately and clean and change your coils after.