Can Your MOD Handle The Power and Heat?

Posted by DN on 1st Dec 2017

Having obtained your e-juice, and ready to enjoy the rest of the vape session, it’s always wise to warm your MOD before using it. Every vaper finds it thrilling and magnificent to enjoy vaping for quite an extended period and finding that satisfaction before the heat drops. More heat buildup is an assurance to the vaper they’ll have a pretty extended time of vaping without the need to heat up the device. MODs play a significant role in ensuring that your full vaping experience is obtained. It requires alternatively immense heat and probably high voltage levels to realize colossal vapor from the coil. Kanthal is the ultimate wire that ensures that more power is relayed in the coil. Nonetheless, most vapers prefer a high resistance cable for additional heat and vapor production.

Patience is the primary factor that should always be considered. The fundamental logic for MODs is to wait a little longer for the coil to heat up, giving you a maximum vapor quality and increasing the amount of vapor coming out from the wick. If during the vaping session, you flip the switch and immediately start using it, then you should rest assured that you will not get the same quality and amount as compared to giving it time to heat up.

Temperature control is the essential factor in determining the level of heat on your coil for the MOD to work accordingly. Coil builders are fast responding to the current trend in the upgrading of the coils and obtaining the one that works best in the delivery controlled level of heat on the MODs. Experienced vapors know the trick behind having a controlled temperature in the coil. Overheating of the coil results in the burning of the wick making it dry. The temperature control monitors the coil resistance as the heat builds up and automatically adjust to prevent coil damage.

Temperature control MODs vary, depending on your preference. Various manufacturing companies have come up with multiple MODs that suits your demands. The booming market of them has pushed manufactures to come up with affordable devices, yet appealing and satisfactory. The TC MODs give the user a chance to precisely control the temperature of the coil as well as fine-tuning to come up with a quality vape. 

Allowing your MOD to develop heat continually gives the vaper a quality modding session. A vaper will painstakingly build a new fresh coil if the temperature of the coil isn’t monitored under controlled situations. Providing time for the coil to heat before you vape is a fundamental aspect to keep in mind. While waiting for the MOD to heat up before vaping, it is a good to keep an eye on the temperature control. Even if you can utilize the tank after accidentally burning the coil, the taste of the vapor will not be appealing as well as e-juice going waste. MODs with temperature control capability can save you from the menace of burning your coil.

It is, therefore, of great importance to consider the variation in the temperature of the coils. Patience is an essential aspect ever in determining the temperature control of the MODs. As a vaper, it is worthy to ensure that you stick to the set down precepts that will guarantee you an accomplishment in your vaping life. There are various e-juice products in the market, and it wholeheartedly depends on your taste and preference. Practice some sense of humility and patience to realize a pretty much satisfaction while heating up your MOD. Gracefully select a tool that will give you a full range of services and more importantly a life-changing vaping experience.