Why is Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood so good

Posted by Ejuice on Fire on 22nd Sep 2017

Unicorn Milk Ejuice by Cuttwood is a fantastic blend of strawberry and cream flavored E Liquid. Unicorn Milk has consistently been one of the most popular flavors on the market since its inceptio … read more

Avoid those dreaded dry hits

Posted by VS on 19th Sep 2017

Nothing busts the bubble quite like experiencing a dry hit just when you thought your vape was starting to get smooth. A burnt hit can ruin not only one's vaping experience but also their day. … read more

How Long Should That E-Juice Sit In Your Tank

Posted by VS on 11th Aug 2017

Just How Long Should That E-Juice Sit In Your Tank For?That is a question that I’m sure a good amount of vapers out there ask themselves. In general, you will potentially switch up your e-juice flavor … read more

Prop 56 - New Vape Tax for California is now in effect

Posted by VS on 16th May 2017

What is California Proposition 56 Tobacco Tax Now in EffectCalifornia Proposition 56 Tobacco Tax is in effect as of April 1st, 2017On November 8, 2016, Californians voted to pass California Propositio … read more